Get Acquainted with GPN, Our National Payment Gateaway System (GPN)

Let's Get Acquainted with GPN, Our National Payment Gateaway System (GPN)

On 4 December 2017, Bank Indonesia launched sistem GPN (Gerbang Pembayaran Nasional).

The national payment gateaway system established to support bank interconnectivity in electronic card transactions.

GPN enables transactions between different card issuers and ATM/EDC terminals that implement the system.

Bank Indonesia has issued Bank Indonesia Regulation No.19/8/PBI/2017 dated 21 June 2017

and Board of Governors Regulation No.19/10/PADG/2017 dated 20 September 2017

concerning the National Payment Gateaway (GPN) System.


3 Main Targets of GPN Implementation:

To create an interconnected and interoperable payment ecosystem that is capable of processing transactions domestically, including authorization, clearing and settelement.

 To improve customer protection through the increased security of customer's transaction data in every transaction.

To ensure the availability and integrity of transaction data in national payment system

in order to support the effectiveness of monetary policy transmissions, efficiency of intermediation, and resilience of financial system.


Benefits of GPN

GPN improves customers' convenience and ease of transactions.

With GPN, transactions can be made from any bank through any kind of payment channel or instrument

(any bank, any instrument, any channel).


Implementation of GPN

As a starting point, ATM and/or Debit card with GPN national logo will be introduced to the public.

The card is used for domestic transactions and accepted at all domestic merchants' payment terminals.

The ATM and/or Debit card with GPN national logo can therefore be accepted and used more broadly by the public,

without replacing the fuction of payment instrument with international logo.



GPN National Logo and the Meaning Behind It.

GPN is Secure,  Capable. and Trustworthy.

Garuda soaring over the gate (the letter G in GPN), swoops across the archipelago.

sIt symbolizes the state of Indonesia's retail payment system that is ready to grow, develop, and compete in national electronic transactions services.

The 8 flight feathers of the wings symbolize infinity, implying that GPN is ready to serve and give benefits to the community, from now and for evermore.

The letter G, stylized as an open gate, represents the beginning of an open approach in advancing Indonesia's retail payment system.

Garuda flying upward at 28-degree angle represents Bank Indonesia's year of establishment (1828) and it's commitement to the facilitation of the national payment system